Bitcoins for Free

Legitimate ways to get free bitcoins.

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Check your Paytoshi balance. No login required. Try these faucets hourly. As at time of publishing they also have compartively good payout rates.


  1. Copy your receiving address into the clipboard.
  2. Visit the faucet sites
  3. Paste in your address
  4. Complete the capcha
  5. Click the button
  6. Wait for the timeout, repeat!

How does it work?

Faucet sites are usually add supported. They give you bitcoins in exchange for you viewing the adds on their page. While the amounts are small, typically about 0.000001 bitcoins (or 100 satoshis), this can add up reasonably quickly. You can also revisit the site after their nominated timeout: usually an hour.

The linked faucet pages I have personally tried. As as today they don't pop up any ads. They work with a browser that is in incognito mode and is running through Tor. That gives you some measure of privacy.

The tiny amounts go into a Paytoshi wallet until they accumulate to a large enough amount to pay-out to your nominated address. As of today the default amount is 0.00006 bitcoins (or 6000 satoshis) and they pay out every 72 hours or so.

Why do this?

The amounts are tiny, but all they require from you is some time. This could be an easy way to get started with bitcoin if you don't want to or cannot use a credit card.